Mindy is my hero


So, I said yesterday that I would tell you about my deep love for Mindy Kaling ‘another day’. Well, this day has come, my friends.

I have loved Mindy Kaling since I discovered her in The Office, and followed her faithfully when she created her own -amazing- TV show, The Mindy Project.  I originally wrote ‘I admire her confidence’, but I’m realizing that it’s kind of ridiculous to say. Why wouldn’t she be confident? It would be crazy if she wasn’t, because quite frankly, she’s the best. confidence

She’s a fantastic actress, one of the funniest around, in my opinion, and her delivery is always on point. Even her physical comedy is amazing. I don’t need to remind you of how hilarious Kelly Kapoor is even when she’s not saying a word, but here is an example:


Mindy Lahiri, Mindy’s character in her own show, is a genius creation. As Kaling stated it multiple times in interviews, Lahiri is a flawed character and is never idealized, and yet the audience is drawn to her for being so great. She is simply amazing, and I am a little bit in love with her.

5fbb2dd2163d2f4df5ae9936f69d43b2 (This is why I refused to say I have a ‘girl crush’ on her.)

So I’ve remained faithful to her show, even when it moved over to Hulu, even when *SPOILER ALERT* Mindy’s endearing relationship with Danny ended, because, if we’re being real, Danny or no Danny, The Mindy Project is fabulous.

What made me fall even more in love with Kaling -note the absence of the term ‘girl crush’, I’m sticking to my/her guns- was reading her books. Yes, plural. I bought both of her books, Is everyone hanging out without me? in 2013, and, last year, Why not me?

Her writing is lively, intelligent, compelling, and many more positive adjectives. Sure, as she states it in her first book, the cover is mostly pink, so don’t expect a life-changing novel. But I loved reading about her childhood, her teenage years, which she talks about very candidly. I loved reading about her first steps as a comedian, and about her crazy life theories. If Mindy had a blog, I would read it religiously.

Now, why didn’t I title this post ‘Guilty pleasures (3)’? I mean, I think thrillers are a guilty read, so why don’t I feel a *little* guilty about her books? Well, I can’t explain it. As an aspiring academic, I cringe at the thought of my professors and mentors finding out that I adore Harlan Coben, but I remain very unapologetic about reading Kaling’s books. Maybe I’m subconsciously trying to channel her ‘entitlement of a tall, blond, white man’ after all.




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